I am an attorney in your city and I worked on a case that began as a guardianship in 1983. Until you came along, this case went absolutely nowhere. Nothing much was accomplished, just lots of legal entanglements. You provided me with valuable information and service that helped me to recover thousands of dollars for the creditors of the estate. As a result, several creditors have money that they probably lost hope of receiving long ago. This case turned out much better than it appeared that it would and finally the case is closed. Thank you !!

Bill, Thanks so very much for recovering money in my late-husband's name considering he died tragically over 30 years ago. Nice going !

Hi Bill – thank you for all of your help with our unclaimed funds in New York. We certainly appreciate it.

Martin (Melbourne, Australia)


I would just like to thank you for your time and effort in my matter. You were very helpful, courteous, and always had prompt answers for me. I just wish there were more people like you out there to help out when someone needs help in matters like mine. I would, and will recommend you in the future to others. Thanks again VERY MUCH for your help.

Chicago IL


I want to thank you both so much for your work on my behalf in claiming these funds. I know I have said it before, and more than once, but this means so very much to me at this time. All you have done is very much appreciated and I will highly recommend you to any who are in need of such services in the future.


EM (Cleveland, Ohio)


Hello Mr. Deutchman,
I am happy to let you know we received the check in the mail today. I can't express how overwhelmed we are you have saved us alot of misery and worry here. This money couldn't have come at a better time Thank You so very much, We owe you a world of gratitude
Diane C. (in Virginia)

Thank You so very much! You are a God send.

Our organization has been pretty proactive in pursuing unclaimed funds, but Bill was able to locate $2,658.53 from the 1980's that we didn't know even existed. Thanks Bill, next time I won't doubt you.
Scott Miller, CPA
County Government


When Bill first contacted me, I deleted his emails assuming it was some type of scam. With his persistent encouragement, I finally agreed to have Bill find some lost money for me. Well, it is not a scam and I have the check to prove it! It took much, much longer for me to agree than for me to receive the money- I would definitely work with Bill again-Thanks Bill

(from a Veterinarian in Nevada)

We received an inquiry out of the blue on unclaimed funds from a charged-off account from 15 years ago. At the beginning we did not have information to verify the details. We were reluctant to pursuit it as it seemed too good to be true. Bill completed the transaction as indicated & we in fact recovered the funds. Thanks Bill!

Deryl Hunter

First National Bank in Altus (Oklahoma)

Senior Vice President

“Mr. Deutchman did an outstanding good for locating some missing Funds that belong to me for over 7 years.

He comunicated with me thru out the whole process. I think anyone that needs his services will be very happy

with the results."

Steve Duncan

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Great job Bill...this one wasn't easy


You're doing a fabulous job! Thank you for everything! This is incredible research!


Thanks Bill,

You have recovered two amounts of money and now some stock. I particularly appreciate your diligence in this latest matter
which involved a foreign country and required lots of documentation, some of which you had to get from outside sources. Great job!!

C.A. - retired


As a bankruptcy trustee, I was pleased that you found thousands of dollars for a closed case.
This allowed for the reopening of the case and a supplemental distribution to creditors.

Trustee in Bankruptcy, Michigan

Hi Bill,

Thanks for finding and recovering $4,000 for my business. You paid close attention to my matter
and kept checking on the status. This was particularly important when you discovered that the refund
was first sent to an incorrect address.

Thanks again,

Electrical Contractor, California


When you contacted me, I told you that I tried unsuccessfully to recover this money about 5 years ago,
and I no longer had any of the documentation. You told me that you'd like to try at no risk to me.
I'm thankful that you were successful in recovering over $4,000 for me.

TB, Georgia

Dear Bill,

I am pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Enclosed you will find the check to pay your fee.

Newport Beach, CA


Thanks for finding $12,138.41 for me. I thought that this kind of thing only happens in the movies.


Hi Bill,

Wanting to get this note out to you to Thank You for all of the work you did to get the unclaimed funds that were in my name. You did a great job, certainly stayed on task (even though I was ever so slow at times and needed nudged from you to get the information back to you).

Again, I thank you!


Mr. Deutchman,

The partners at our law firm are so pleased with the services you provided. The thousands of dollars that you recovered just fell into our laps. We had no idea that it was out there.

Law firm administrator

Mr. Deutchman,

I was pleased that you found some money for me, but when you found a second amount, well, ... that was just icing on the cake.

Keep up the good work. Call me, often.

Dear Bill,

The money you recovered for our father's estate made a huge difference in the overall size of the estate. We greatly appreciate your services.

Best wishes to you from our whole family.

Hi Bill,

I want to thank you for the government check I just received in the mail. Until you contacted me, I was unaware of the money, and without your help, I wouldn't have had any idea of how to pursue the release of the funds. Obviously, you are very good at what you do.

A buddy of mine bet me I'd never see this money, and I have since collected on the bet.

Retired businessman in Southern California

Mr. Deutchman,

Thank you for your extraordinary service in recovering money for our small law practice. The money you found for us was outstanding for 20 years, or so. From the time you contacted one of our partners, the money arrived in the mail in less than 30 days. If only our clients were as prompt as you were, we'd be extremely pleased. LOL

Law firm office manager


Thank you for recovering more than $19,000 for my ex-wife and me. That money is going directly into our daughter's college fund. The meeting with you and the attorney was very professional and we couldn't be more pleased. You were very clever by contacting my brother when you couldn't reach me directly, and I'm so glad you did. Let me know if you find more money for us.

Thanks again

Mr. Deutchman,

My husband is 94 and I am in my late 80's. I can't believe you found $32,400 for us. Even when you handed me the United States Treasury check, I couldn't believe my eyes. You really made a difference for us.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,


Thanks Bill,

My wife and I lost money years ago to a financial planner who failed to fulfill his "promises" to us when we "invested" money with him. We thought the money was long gone, however, you recovered several thousand dollars for us. You fulfilled your promises to us, and we are grateful for your good work.

Executive Director of Non-Profit


We owe you a debt of gratitude for locating money for our company that goes back to the 1980's. Actually, the company for which you found the money is the predecessor of our company. You did some great detective work in corporate genealogy. We never expected to see any of this money. You were the first person to contact our company about it. Our lucky day.

Treasurer, Commercial Real Estate Company


You were able to get my money released by the government in case in which other professionals represented me and failed in their efforts over several years. I am retired, in my 80's and I have health issues. I'm thankful that I can have the use of the money.

Retired Businessman

Hi Bill,

Thank you for your persistence in locating me since I live more than 1,500 miles from where I resided when the money went uncollected in the 1980's. My husband was a physician and this was money that he was owed but never collected. He passed away years ago and his estate has been closed for years. You told me that you discovered his estate and contacted the law firm that I hired to administer the estate. You told me that they refused to believe that you found thousands of dollars because they were aware of just a few hundred dollars.

When the law firm wouldn't even tell me about it, you decided to find me yourself. Somehow you found me and, as you promised, you recovered thousands of dollars for me. I suppose the law firm didn't think there would be much in it for them, and disregarded it. I really wonder if they had a fiduciary duty to advise me about your information and let me decide whether I wanted to pursue it with you.

I want to sincerely thank you. You're the Best !

CPA in Florida


The money you recovered for us was from the bankruptcy of a man who conducted a Ponzi scheme in which we lost thousands of dollars many, many years ago. To think that 30 years later we would receive some of our money back is unbelievable. We couldn't have done it without you.

Retired Doctor

Hey Bill,

Thanks for pursuing the release of the money for our business. I'm impressed that you cared to find us and get the money released since it wasn't a very large amount. But, in this economy every dollar helps.

Used Car Dealer

Bill, if you weren't so persistent and driven to find me, I probably never would be found by anyone else. I was amazed at how little information you had to work with. The name of the person who was to receive the check on my behalf, many years ago, was incomplete. You only had the first letter of the first name and only four letters of the lastname. I think that anyone else would have given up, and probably many have tried but failed to find me over the years. This money goes back to the mid-1980s. You really earned your fee. Great job !!

CC, Real Estate Developer

Dear Bill,

I was a victim of a Ponzi scheme many years ago and I thought I lost all the money I invested. You recovered some of that money which goes back almost four decades. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your services.

Retired in Illinois

Bill, thanks for finding more than $35,000 for me. This is money that I didn't realize existed and had been idle for more than 10 years !! I'm retired and I never imagined having this kind of money dropped in my lap. At first I was skeptical, but there was no risk whatsoever for me to let you go to work on my behalf. You did everything you said you would do. That's refreshing in this day and age. You even walked documents through both courts and several government departments which released the money faster.


Thanks for "teaching me to fish"

Bill, you told me that some of the advice you give will benefit me again and again. When I receive that kind of advice, it not only benefits me presently, but it becomes another tool in my toolbox. When I apply it again, it occurs to me that I paid you once but I benefit over and over again. Great value !! You definitely help me to make my time more valuable.


I can't thank you enough because you provided the key that unlocked the mystery of money that I knew existed but that I could not locate. I am an attorney and the executor of an estate that this money belongs to. The thousands of dollars will be much appreciated by the heirs. Bill, you are a blessing.

Thanks again,

Attorney and Estate Executor

Dear Bill,

With this message, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help in analyzing the State Estate Tax form that was prepared by my recently deceased aunt's accountant and finding a mistake that cost me $14,000. Through our 5 minute conversation, you immediately knew where to look for the mistake, to confirm that the mistake was made and to advise me regarding how to correct the situation. Your knowledge of current accounting laws and practices and your desire to help me was very apparent and extremely appreciated. As a professional engineer, I am very aware of the fact that Building Codes and laws are constantly being modified on a Federal, State and local level and that it takes a great deal of effort to keep up with these changes. Clearly, you have been keeping up with these ongoing changes and you are very knowledgeable about accounting practices that relate to various specialties.

Again, I, as well as, 11 other beneficiaries of my aunt's estate greatly appreciated your help and I am pleased to have this opportunity to express this appreciation.

RG, Executor of Estate

Hi Bill,

Thank you for finding the money that was owed to me more than 20 years ago. I never thought that I'd see any of the money that I earned before my employer went out-of-business. You told me that you found some funds and you could get them released. There was no risk to me, so I agreed to let you do what you told me you could do. I can really use the money. Also, you got me my money in less than 30 days after our first phonecall.

Thanks so much,


Dear Bill,

I am an attorney with a large law firm and you found some money that was owed to me for more than 16 years. You were kind enough to bring the United States Treasury check to my office. I enjoyed meeting you in person, and as I told you, it was good doing business with you.

Attorney (name and initials withheld as a courtesy)

Mr. Deutchman,

I don't know how you do what you do, but thank you for finding money for a business that we closed years ago. The money you found goes back 3 decades. I moved to Florida after the company closed and you still found me. You didn't promise me millions of dollars, but you did keep your promise to get the funds (that you did find) released for me.

Mrs. L. G.

The deed is done, Bill. Thank you for all you've done !

C.C. - Retiree