Self-Directed IRAs

Here’s How You Can Have A Self-Directed IRA That Can Own Real Estate and Other Non-Traditional Investments!

I can guide you through the process. First, are you eligible to have an IRA … Roth or Traditional? Do you have the “right kind” of earnings to make a contribution to an IRA? If not, there may still be time to create the “right kind” of income so that you can make a contribution. But, you need to act now … before it’s too late for 2012.

Once you are eligible for 2012 and have enough of the “right kind” of income, you may even make your contribution after December 31, 2012. There may be additional opportunities to do this for children and even grandchildren, but it has to be done right!

If you call a trust company that serves as a custodian for self-directed IRAs, (sometimes referred to as SDIRA) they’ll advise you to see your CPA. They're also likely to mention that most CPAs are unfamiliar with self-directed IRAs investing in real estate, and those CPAs will tell you it can’t be done! But, it can!

You may even benefit from converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Some people don’t recognize the benefit of doing this, but I can evaluate your situation to determine whether it makes sense. 

An author of a very popular book said "Never be too proud to seek advice from skilled investment advisors, especially CPAs and tax attorneys. Be more sensitive to the long-term benefits of having high-grade CPAs and attorneys as your advisors than the short-term benefits of doing it yourself." The same goes for choosing advisors based on price and price alone, i.e., irrespective of quality.

I am in a position to advise you on implementing these ideas. The potential benefits are impressive. So, save yourself time, arrange to contact me soon.