Profile of William D. Deutchman

William D. Deutchman, CPA

Bill Deutchman began his accounting career in 1975 with one of the world’s largest accounting firms.

He holds a Masters in Business Administration Degree from New York University, and he earned his Bachelor’s degree at The Ohio State University.

Bill has operated in his own practice since 1982, in which he has always offerred services in the area of real estate, pioneered an area of accounting and taxation that had previously received little attention, and later added Eldercare Services to meet the needs of the growing numbers of seniors and their families.

One of his specialties and a passion of his is Asset Recovery. He's been finding and recovering assets in and out of court cases for more than 25 years. He's been a court appointed accountant in hundreds of bankruptcy cases beginning in 1983, and has served in other courts, as well. Finding assets, whether it is money or tangible assets, is very satisfying work. Those that ultimately receive the extra money benefit in an obvious way. 

He has taught accounting courses at universities at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

He developed the eldercare area of specialization using a multidisciplinary approach by teaming with professionals from other disciplines and other service providers. Together, they possess the credentials and skills to provide a family with the full range of assistance that may be needed by an elderly person. Bill's role is that of a coordinator of the other service providers who are involved in serving a client as well as providing services himself.


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