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Real Estate Links

Foreclosure Resources and Information
Source for distressed property information and resources, providing the direction to find foreclosed homes for sale, homes in default, help in stopping foreclosure and a significant collection of articles and resources to find whatever you need regarding almost any aspect of foreclosure


Where Investors Help One Another Succeed

Team Building

Business Links

U.S. Small Business Administration
No matter what stage your business is at, you will find a wealth of information here on starting, running and expanding. Get step-by-step information on launching a business, find out about SBA loan programs, take an online course or register your business in Pro-Net for government contracting opportunities.

Starting a Business Checklist

This detailed checklist from the US Small Business Administration may help when you commence business operations.


FAQ's for Small Business
Get answers to your questions! Use this FAQ to get insights into Marketing, Financial Statements and many more issues.

Tax Guide for Small Business
RS information about taxes relevant for Small Businesses. A handy alphabetical index covering diverse topics aids effective navigation of this extremely useful publication.

Tax Links

Our Online Tax and Resource Center

Internal Revenue Service
Get the lowdown on current Federal tax regulations and other tax information at the Internal Revenue Services Web site, where you can also download tax forms and instructions. Its Small Business Corner offers advice on starting and operating your own business.

State Tax Codes

United States Code

Tax Due-Dates - Create Your Own List

Government Information Links


John Q. Public meets Uncle Sam at FedWorld. You will find a wealth of government and business information-everything from government standards to 17,000 trade-related documents and up-to-date analyses of major U.S. industries. Browse databases, downl

U.S. Business Advisor

Billed as the one-stop electronic link to government for business, the U.S. Business Advisor is a collection of links to other government agencies. Topics include doing business with the government, international trade, finance, labor and employment, etc.

Social Security Administration

Treasury Direct
U.S. Savings Bonds and other Dept. of the Treasury Information

Eldercare - Senior Citizens

Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Solutions

American Association of Retired Persons

BenefitsCheckUp - a service of the National Council on the Aging 

Eldercare Locator - find resources in your community

Medicare Advocacy and Information Center 

Nursing Home Information

Ohio Department of Aging Long-term Care Ombudsman Programs

Government Information for People with Disabilities

Social Security Administration

Veterans Administration

Other Helpful Links - Learning, Tools, etc.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader
Get your free Adobe Acrobat reader here. You'll need it to download FREE tax forms from the IRS and state taxing authority sites.