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I formed my own accounting firm with a single principle in mind: to provide the highest level of personalized client service possible. Simply put, I care about each and every one of my clients. You will always be served by me, and will never have to worry about how many other accountants have access to your private financial affairs or whether a new staff accountant has the proper experience to give you the right advice. If you would like to develop a relationship with an accountant that will know your name, get to know mine.

I have been an accountant for years and offer expert services to small businesses and individuals. In addition to my expertise, I pride myself on delivering affordable services in a timely manner with a personal touch. That's why most of my new clients are referred by existing clients. To schedule a complimentary, no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation with me, please call my office.

One of my specialties and a passion of mine is Asset Recovery. I've been finding and recovering assets in and out of court cases for more than 25 years. I've been a court appointed accountant in hundreds of cases beginning in 1983. Finding assets, whether it is money or tangible assets, is very satisfying work. Those that ultimately receive the extra money benefit in an obvious way.

I have taught taught accounting courses at universities at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

We pledge to create an environment that will cause every one of our clients to view us as a trusted advisor.

In carrying out this mission we seek to apply the right tools, in the right way, and at the right time to client matters. This puts our clients in a position to make informed decisions.

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